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New in Meridiano ... Indoor furniture from  HAY  and   Outddor / Indoor Rugs from DASH & ALBERT

Hay operates in the field between architecture and fashion bridging the statics from architecture and the dynamics from fashion.
Hay collaborates with the most highly skilled and talented international designers who use new materials and moderm technology to create products with enhanced value for the user

The best way to achieve that happiness is by surrounding yourself with people, pets, and products you love. For nearly 20 years, we’ve applied our spirited, design-driven approach to creating bedding, rugs, sleepwear, and home furnishings for you (and us) to love—stylish pieces that stand out and stand the test of time. We are committed to quality—beginning with the initial design and choice of materials to our fast and friendly delivery, topped off with our exceptional customer service. We are defined by and take pride in each step of the process and the people who make it happen.


Dive into the USM universe and discover USM Modular Furniture in the most diverse home and office environments around the world. You will be surprised by the variety of configurations offered by our modular furniture system. 

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Meridiani Furniture Italy

Meridiani interprets classic themes and tradition with contemporary Style. The simple and pure lines, the constant research for new textures and finishes suggest a new idea of luxury, a sophisticated yet natural and relaxed way of living everyday life. A distinguished style and identity, an inspiring new classic that leaves space for personal interpretation without giving in to short lived trends.